Shocking news! I’m irreplaceable LeBron Threatening Lakers For His Leaving Nightmare Ever Decision


Basically from the moment he played a big role in the Nuggets sweeping them in the Western Conference Finals, the Lakers have been in hot pursuit of Bruce Brown.

Starting in free agency when they very nearly landed him before a big-money offer from the Pacers, the Lakers have chased Brown around from stop to stop. They reportedly discussed a trade with the Pacers for Brown, then did the same when he was traded to the Raptors as part of the Pascal Siakam deal.


Toronto, though, held onto Brown through the deadline because there are few things the Raptors love more than dealing a player months or even years after they’re at their highest value on the trade market.


To that point, it seems now the Raptors are now interested in trading Brown this offseason. According to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star, the franchise is set to deal Brown after picking up his team option for next season.


“The sense from a handful of league sources is that the Raptors are likely to pick up the option, then turn around and deal Brown quickly rather than wait until the 2025 trade



It sure is a good thing the Raptors held onto Brown after the deadline so that they could win seven games and worsen their spot in the lottery standings, eventually leading to them losing their top-six protected pick. Great work,

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