JUST NOW: Johnathan Marchessault Rejects New Contract Offer With The Golden Knight

After winning the 2023 Stanley Cup championship, the Vegas Golden Knights were on a quest to win back-to-back titles, but things ended up not going well in that regard. As a result, the team is faced with some questions going into the offseason and one of their tasks will be how to handle Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Marchessault and his contract situation.

Marchessault is coming off a career year, has a championship ring with the franchise and was a member of the inaugural Golden Knights team. You’d figure Vegas would want to work out some kind of deal to get him to stay, but that’s seemingly what’s not going on. (RELATED: Prized NHL Draft Pick Will Smith Inks Deal With San Jose Sharks)

The beginning of free agency is July 1, only a month away, but Vegas hasn’t spoken to Marchessault whatsoever about him remaining with the team via a contract extension. And this is according to the man himself.

“We don’t have a call yet or anything,” said Marchessault, per TSN. “They said they were interested to sign me. They have time until June 30 or so.”

Interesting developments in Sin City, indeed …

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