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SAD NEWS: Jamal Murray knocked down Anthony Davis Lakers loss to Nuggets Embarrassing

Monday got off to an interesting start as leading up to game 2 of the Lakers and Nuggets first-round playoff series, Anthony Davis’ mind appeared to be on individual accolades – or lack thereof. Davis was apparently upset by the fact that he was not named a finalist for this year’s Defensive Player of the Year Award and he made his feelings known to Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

Davis went off on the decision and came off sounding extremely self-centered, borderline delusional, and frankly kind of pathetic. Some of the highlights:

These quotes are absolutely laughable and show a ridiculous lack of self-awareness. Acting like he was entitled to win the award and this is some kind of grand conspiracy by the league to work against AD and the Lakers (of all teams) is just too funny. The Lakers would certainly never receive favorable treatment so this is obviously just some kind of personal vendetta against Davis by the league.

I keep cracking up at him saying “I’m over it” because going on a rant like this to a national reporter definitely doesn’t seem like the actions of somebody who is, in fact, over it. These comments make it pretty clear that Davis is actually far from being “over it”.

Then to cap it off he states that he’s done with individual awards, as if he has any say in the matter and he can just choose to withdraw from consideration. Anthony, you had a great year, but guess what? Three other players were slightly better! It’s not a conspiracy or some grave injustice. Get over it and grow up, because this reeks of petty desperation.

And the cherry on top of the whole day was game 2, which took place hours later. Davis started the game incredibly, but completely tailed off and ran out of gas in the fourth quarter. He got burnt down the stretch by Jokic and then had Jamal Murray sink the game-winning shot right in his eyes.

To make matters worse, Davis fell into the Nuggets bench and had the entire team celebrating right on top of it. It was the perfect way to cap off a truly pitiful day for Davis and one that he’d surely like to forget. Unfortunately for him, these shameful quotes will live on forever.

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