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SAD IN: QB had just been fund with a crucial injury of no return medical report….

If we hit the rewind button back to September, Deion Sanders was one of the hottest commodities in the country and Florida Football fans were starting to poke around and dream who would come to town if Billy Napier didn’t work out.

The jury is still out on Napier, but it is safe to say that the shine on Sanders has long since worn off.

In case one needs a reminder, Colorado went 4-8 last season. This included a 42-7 loss to Oregon, a 56-14 loss to Washington State, and a loss to Stanford who went 3-9 on the season themselves.

But even if one wants to defend Colorado and say 4-8 was still an improvement from the squad he inherited, there is real reason to question why 2024 is slated to be any better.

Sanders went with the approach of gutting the entire roster when he arrived and brought in an entirely different team for 2023. 56 guys transferred out while 51 guys transferred in.

A number of the players who transferred out spoke with The Athletic and didn’t have the nicest of things to say for Sanders or his program.

Rather than just leave the piece be, QB Shedeur Sanders took to X with his own parting words to his former teammate.

None of this feels off brand for Sanders and if he had gone 8-4 instead of 4-8, there would grounds for him to back up his trash talking.

But instead he is spending his time on X, bashing players he sent away, only to go 4-8.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again and Sanders is once again going all in with his approach and had 39 more players transfer away while bringing in 34 more new players. Mind you this is on the backs of signing just 12 players in the class of 2024 and having the 80th ranked recruiting class in 2024.

Kansas, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, and Syracuse all had better recruiting classes than Colorado.

We write all this to say that if things don’t work out for Napier in 2024 and Florida is forced to start up a search committee, the traveling circus act that is Deion Sanders would quickly wear out its welcome in Gainesville and would not be a good fit even if the Gators were winning.

There is a difference between the banter than Steve Spurrier used to dole out and being a snake oil salesman.

Sanders defiantly looked at Colorado writers in the eye after a hot start to the season asked if they believe yet.

We believe in Joe Hendry, but it is going to take more than four wins to believe in Deion Sanders.

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