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HEADLINE: US Naval from the blue angels have the best recruited Academy this year

For our next advanced screening event, Collider is honored to be partnering with IMAX and Prime Video to take flight on a breathtaking adventure in The Blue Angels in IMAX. Produced by Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick) and J.J. Abrams (Star Trek) with Bad Robot Productions, this is an IMAX experience you can’t miss out on, and we want you to join us before the documentary’s official launch in theaters and on streaming with Prime Video. We’re also excited to announce that director Paul Crowder (Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who) will attend for an exclusive Q&A after the documentary.

In 2022, Top Gun: Maverick dominated theaters for months, racing past milestone after milestone. Part of that appeal was no doubt the legacy sequel aspect that brought back Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, but it was the aerial stunts and the POV from the cockpit that wowed audiences into two, three, four visits to the theater. In The Blue Angels, we strap in for never-before-seen footage of the Navy’s elite Flight Demonstration Squadron, real-life pilots who dedicate their lives to this passion, working in tandem to showcase the teamwork of the United States Navy. In the documentary, filmed specifically for IMAX, we’ll get to see not only their skills but the selection process, their rigorous training, and the demanding show season as they train five new recruits.

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