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BIG CHALLENGE: LeBron James is now in third place with 36,367 points while Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the all-time top scorer in NBA history with 38,367 points Can James beat this record in a season before retiring

Los Angeles Lakers legend, LeBron James was recently targeted in a racist display at a school art exhibition. 

Apparently, a student project at the New Hartford Central School District in New York included a poster that compared LeBron James to monkeys.

The poster advertised a fictional cereal called “Monkey Premium” and featured a photo of LeBron James dunking a basketball with slogans like “Eat Monkeys, Jump Like Monkeys!” There were also texts claiming the cereal (chocolate and banana flavored) makes you “jump 2-5 inches higher for about 2 hours.”


FYI, the poster was displayed at the school’s annual K-12 art show held on May 4

People attending the event and local news outlets reported the incident.

School officials launched an investigation into how the poster was displayed and who was responsible. No official statement has been released regarding any disciplinary actions towards the student.

LeBron James’ Past Tryst With Racism

In June of 2017, LeBron James’ house in Los Angeles, which he primarily used as a secondary residence, was vandalized with a racial slur spray-painted on the front gate. The incident happened on the eve of the NBA Finals. The N-word was prominently displayed on the gate. 

The Los Angeles Police Department investigated the incident as a hate crime and looked into surveillance footage to identify the culprit.

Shaken by the event, James spoke out about the challenges of racism in America, emphasizing that “no matter how much money you have” these issues persist. Thankfully, James’ family was not at the residence at the time.

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