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Los Angeles Lakers news: JJ Redick, James Borrego, and Sam Cassell are just a few of the big names that have been linked to the head coach opening in LA. While all three are currently seen as frontrunners to land the high-profile job, there’s actually one candidate who is considered a shoo-in for the gig.

That man is Tyronn Lue.

Los Angeles Lakers News: Tyronn Lue Remains Top Choice for LA

In a report by Anthony Irwin of Lakers Daily, the team insider revealed that Lue remains to be the Lakers’ top pick for the job. The main issue, obviously, is that he is still locked to the Lakers’ fiercest rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers.

However, with contract negotiations between Lue and the Clippers stalling, the Lakers are hoping for a potential fallout with the objective of pouncing on Lue should he suddenly become available:

“Sources close to the situation have made it very clear that the Lakers are keeping a close eye on the talks between Tyronn Lue and the Los Angeles Clippers. Don’t expect the Lakers to hire a head coach until they know for absolute certain Lue won’t be available,” Irwin wrote.

Lue’s relationship with LeBron James is a key factor in the Lakers interest in the Clippers shot-caller. After all, it was Lue who coached LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers to a championship back in 2016.

The Lakers are hoping that these two will be able to replicate this level of success in Hollywood.

Clippers Holding Out

According to the report, the Lakers have yet to make a decision on their new coach because they are still holding out hope on Lue. The Clippers, however, are well aware of their rivals’ interest, which is also a crucial element in their contract talks with Lue:

“If Lue was available, it’d be done already,” said a source close to the Lakers. “They know they screwed that up a few years ago and would like to remedy that mistake. Problem is, the Clippers know the Lakers want Lue. So, on top of him being a good coach, [Steve] Ballmer doesn’t want to help the Lakers get better.”

This adds yet another compelling layer to this age-old LA rivalry.

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