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Brian Lewerke Leads Michigan Panthers to Victory

Former Michigan State Quarterback Shines in USFL

In a notable USFL game at Ford Field in Detroit Saturday, former Michigan State quarterback Brian Lewerke propelled the Michigan Panthers to a significant 24-18 victory against the Memphis Showboats. This victory signifies not just a personal triumph for Lewerke but also a tactical success for the Panthers, as it cements their position in the forthcoming USFL conference championship.

Lewerke, who started the game strong with a 21-yard touchdown pass to Cole Hikutini, completed 6 of 11 passes for 82 yards, demonstrating his reliability and skill in a high-stakes environment. Notably, he maintained a clean sheet with zero interceptions and added mobility with three rushes for 13 yards.


Panthers’ Strategic Gameplay and Lewerke’s Role

A Look at Team Dynamics and Individual Performances

The game was not just a showcase of Lewerke’s talents but also highlighted the strategic plays of both teams. Sharing snaps with Bryce Perkins, another formidable quarterback formerly with the Los Angeles Rams, Lewerke showed commendable leadership and adaptability on the field.

Lewerke’s connection with his former Michigan State teammates, including ex-All-American defensive end Kenny Willekes and record-holding kicker Matt Coghlin, who played opposite him for the Showboats, added a layer of camaraderie to the game. This reunion on the professional field underlines the enduring bond between Spartan athletes as they transition into their professional careers


Notably, the event drew additional attention with the presence of NFL legend Tom Brady in the stands, hinting at the significant pull of the rising talents in the USFL and their drawing power for football enthusiasts.

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