The NBA now reports that 12 teams have lost interest in Alex Sarr’s 2024 draft.

All eyes were on the San Antonio Spurs and French sensation Victor Wembanyama going into the 2023 NBA Draft because the league and its supporters knew a new superstar was rising who might end up being the best player in the league.

Luckily, Wembanyama proved to be the genuine deal and a player unlike any other, even if the Spurs only won 22 games overall. His size and length proved to be too much for San Antonio’s opponents to handle.


For teams looking to add players to their squads and secure future talent, the NBA draft is a critical event.

But in the midst of all the excitement and expectation, rumours have spread that 12 NBA teams are no longer interested in Alex Sarr in the 2024 selection.

The reasons behind teams’ selections are called into question by this development, as are the ramifications for Sarr’s draft prospects and the league at large.


Understanding Alex Sarr:
Before delving into the reasons for the disinterest, it’s essential to understand who Alex Sarr is and why he was initially considered a promising prospect.

Sarr, a talented forward, garnered attention for his athleticism, versatility, and potential to make an impact on both ends of the court.

His performances in college showcased his scoring ability, defensive prowess, and leadership qualities, making him a coveted prospect leading up to the draft.

Performance Issues: Although Sarr is very talented, it’s possible that his evaluation and pre-draft exercise didn’t live up to the promise.

Teams carefully assess a prospect’s talents, athleticism, and flexibility while determining if they are a good fit for the NBA.

Had Sarr performed poorly or displayed shortcomings in critical areas, teams might have become disinterested.


Character Concerns: NBA teams consider players’ character when making draft selections because they want players who exhibit professionalism, a strong work ethic, and coachability.

Teams may decide not to select Sarr if there are concerns about his character, behaviour, or off-court problems.

NInstead, they may choose to select players with better character profiles and cleaner histories. Changing Team Requirements:

A number of variables, including coaching approaches, trades, and free agency acquisitions, can cause NBA clubs’ goals and roster needs to alter quickly.

Teams may lose interest in talents like Sarr, whose fit with their system, if they try to address their requirements in other ways or reevaluate their roster-building tactics.

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