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App biker Harassment

Kolkata: An actor returning home after shooting alleged that she was harassed by an app biker on Friday. According to cops, she took an app bike after a shoot but he was riding rashly and simultaneously speaking on the phone. When she asked him to ride carefully, he stopped the bike near Salt Lake stadium and allegedly misbehaved with her. Cops said she claimed the biker called up local youngsters, harassed her and even threatened assault.

The actor dialled 100 and a team from Kolkata Police rescued her. A case has been initiated.
“The biker kept talking on the phone even after my ride started. He was also riding negligently. Thrice, I had to warn him of dangers on the road.”
She said she lost patience after almost falling off the bike on Bypass. “That’s when I protested but he said he would continue to ride like this. Then he stopped the bike close to Salt Lake and asked me to get off, saying he wouldn’t go further. He hurled abuses and advanced threateningly. I managed to step away. Within minutes, a few of his friends arrived. I finally managed to inform the cops who helped me,” she said.

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